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The art of finishing incomplete projects and tasks

The mind is an extremely lazy dude, it doesn't want to do the hard work. Instead, it "thinks" about the process of getting that task done and finishing it. And while imagining about finishing the task, it actually starts thinking that the job is already done!

Seven Habits of a Successful Android User

I. Research your phone and model thoroughly before buying. One of the trickiest aspects of using an android phone is the process of choosing or shortlisting one before buying. Unlike the apple world where various iPhone and iPad models are shipped by just one seller, the android world is more like a flea-market where multiple sellers like Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, etc. keep churning out numerous budget models one after another in hopes of making it big. As a user, you must be able to separate wheat from the chaff as its too easy to select the wrong model with known problems or a phone with older android version receiving fewer updates and getting stuck with it.