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How to fix Vata Dosha or "Wind Imbalance" in your body

According to Ayurveda or Indian Herbology, the typical symptoms of vata dosha or wind imbalance are as follows: External Dryness - Skin, hair, lips, etc. Internal Dryness - Bloat, gas, constipation, etc. Dryness of Mind - Restlessness, lack of focus, lethargy, procrastination, insomnia, etc. Dryness of Spirit - Too much craving for material gains, less inclination towards spirituality. If you are having too many of these symptoms at once, it almost certainly means that you're suffering from wind imbalance or vata dosha . Why does this happen? The most prevalent theory in Ayurveda is that that the Pancha Prana or the five essential areal pathways that sustain your bodily functions (like breathing, blood circulation, digestion, etc.) get aggravated due to things like bad diet (junk and fast food, irregular eating schedule, borewell water containing high magnesium, etc.) and bad lifestyle choices (irregular sleeping cycle, lack of exercising, undue stress, etc.) What