Opinion: All HTML Editing tools in Wordpress, Blogger, etc. should have a "Paste from Markdown" Option

The Markdown syntax is no longer a joke today (though it probably was once in the early days!). One of the major social networking sites called Reddit and another popular Programming help site called StackOverflow are entirely based on Markdown input.

Markdown<->HTML conversion should be a de-facto standard implemented everywhere today, be it browsers, editors or even IDEs but it isn't. Its high time that all major tools and platforms start adapting to Markdown language because it is simply too popular to ignore. You'll hardly find any netizen who doesn't know the markdown basics today.

Basic things for **bold**, *italics* and #headings have become so common that even those who don't know HTML know these things as they get acquainted with Reddit long before they even start programming.

The beauty of Markdown is that you can even use a basic text editor to compose your posts, you don't need the full power of HTML or CSS. This allows me to even use my smartphone for composing posts where its too cumbersome to open a site like Blogger or use Git which is required for posting on static site platforms such as Github Pages. But when I go online to publish my draft, I need to manually convert the Markdown to HTML first before pasting the draft to Blogger/Wordpress/etc. Why don't these tools have the Markdown<->HTML conversion built in? I think this is a genuine problem that many bloggers must be facing and should be there. Please comment and let me know what do you think about this feature.